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About Us Who We Are

Who We Are

Temple Shalom is a vibrant and growing Jewish community serving as the center of Jewish life in Central Washington State. We are a Reform Congregation, but we serve a community with diverse levels of observance and engagement with Judaism and background.

Our wonderful Aron & Bima

We have about 50 families as members, and are available for Jewish Students from one of our local Universities. Our building since the 1980s has been on Browne Avenue in central Yakima, which provides a place for most of our activities. We are served during the school year by student rabbis from the Los Angeles campus of Hebrew Union College, the school of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ).

Shabbat At Temple Shalom

Our weekly services are mainly lay led by some members of our congregation, with a focus on achieving the right balance between tradition and accessibility.

We use the latest edition of Mishkan T’Filah Shabbat Siddur, and our resident lay cantor has developed and uses a wide range of Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi melodies. 

Dinner & Torah Study

We begin the morning service, Shacharit, at 10:30 AM.

At noon, we will break for a potluck lunch. The Temple will provide the entree. Please bring a salad, vegetable, fruit, or dessert to share. Temple Shalom keeps a dairy kitchen, so no meat please. Kosher dairy as well as clean fish (as described in the Torah) are welcome and can be found at any of our local grocery stores.

Torah study begins about 1:00 PM. We gather around the table after the meal and take turns (voluntarily) reading through each week’s Torah Portion, or Parsha. As we read, we also try to discuss the content and commentary in a meaningful and engaging way, in an effort to find the ways our tradition and texts can connect to our modern lives.

Please be aware that our student and any visiting Rabbis have the freedom to plan their own programs, and are not bound by this program.