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Temple Shalom welcomes our Student Rabbi for 5779-5780 (2019 – 2020), Emily Katcher. 

Student Rabbi Katcher writes:

Emily Katcher has been leading and teaching in Jewish communities for 20 years. She has served as a Cantorial Soloist, a Songleader, as an Education Director, as a Teacher and as a Student Rabbi.

Emily is currently a Rabbinical Student at the Academy for Jewish Religion, Los Angeles, a transdenominational seminary training Rabbis, Cantors and Chaplains to serve diverse modern Jewish communities. Her BA is in Near Eastern Religion from Cal State Long Beach. She lives in West Seattle with her husband Matt and their three children, two dogs, a cat and an axolotl.


 From the Bima –  Comments from our Student Rabbi, Emily Katcher

The Holy One of Blessing loves stories; it is said this is why the world was created. 


Our great stories, those of the Jewish people, tell us about what is most holy and important. The worth and preciousness of all souls. Our vulnerability and brokenness. Our awe inspiring and daunting command to heal the world. 


Our stories are in our Torah, the written one in our scroll, and also in our other holy books, Tanakh, Talmud, Midrash. There are so many, and it’s so hard to learn them all. 


They are so important to us that a cornerstone of Judaism lets us access our most primal stories, and internalize them over and over. That cornerstone is the sanctification of time.


Our holy days bring us back to who we are, in joy and in sorrow. I’m Student Rabbi Emily Katcher, and this year I am honored to live our Jewish story with you, the Temple Shalom community. 


We have already celebrated Pesach, and the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim, the leaving of Egypt. We have come to the foot of Sinai, where we count the Omer, waiting for Moshe to come down with the Holy Torah. After Shabbat, we will remember that fearsome day together on Shavuot, Saturday June 9, w ith dairy foods and learning that evening. 


We will begin our journey through the year at Mount Sinai, and our story will progress. I am so grateful to be on the path of holy learning. You come too.