3 Critical Things You Should Know Before Applying to a Headhunter Website to Look for a Job

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You may find the headhunting company website after seeking a job. What is a headhunter? Who do headhunters work for? How do they get money from being a headhunter? You will get the answer from the information below. Then, you know the way to use this website to help you get a job. 

What is a Headhunter? 

A headhunter is a person or company that is responsible for matching candidates with the positions companies are looking for. Headhunters are different from recruiters because they only recruit skilled and experienced candidates. Most candidates are in senior-level positions. Imagine a talent scout that is looking for a specific talent to understand a headhunter. 

Who Do Headhunters Work For?

You may get confused when visiting a headhunter website because you can’t find any job vacancies. So, who do headhunters work for? Indeed, they are working for companies that need potential candidates. The candidates should have specific knowledge and skills. 

For instance, the headhunters ensure that the candidates can help a company to launch a new technology or apply new technology. In some cases, companies also need candidates who can help to gain new markets. It is a challenging task to do if you don’t have enough experience and skills. That’s why companies need a headhunter to connect them with the best candidates. 

How Headhunters Earn Money? 

So, how does a headhunter earn money from their service? Indeed, this person or team earns money from the companies that hire time. Professional headhunters earn 25 to 33 percent of a hired candidate’s annual base salary. 

The most important thing you should know is that headhunters rarely change job seekers. So, be careful if there is a headhunter charging you because they help you to find a job. Some reputable headhunters may charge you. It is only for hourly career coaching services.  

The point is that, be selective while searching for the best headhunter website. You should understand the way this service works first before using them. As a result, you get more benefits from them.


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