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How to be a good leader? In every team, there must be a leader to lead the members to do the project well. Although it sounds easy, a leader has a big responsibility. Nowadays, a leader who only commands without being a role model is usually not respected or even hateful by the team member. Which is needed and search by a headhunter website.

That’s why, when you are chosen as a leader, make sure to prepare not only your knowledge and skills but also your attitude. Below, there are some basic characteristics that must be owned by a good leader. What are they?

Calm and Positive in Handling Situations

There are always problems to face when doing a certain work or project. The bigger the project, there will be more challenges. Imagine if the leader easily panics. Instead of solving the problem well, he or she may cause more problems.

Well, remember that when the leader tends to calm down even in the worst situation, it helps the team to feel more relaxed also. Some headhunter website also provide articles about this.

A Good Communicator

Many people are failed to share their good intentions and ideas just because they are not good at communicating. In terms of leadership, good communication is very important to encourage team members as well as prevent misunderstanding.

Listen to Members’ Opinions and Ideas

If you are a leader, it doesn’t mean that only your ideas and opinions are accepted. More importantly, you must listen to others well and consider if their ideas are really good for the project and team continuity. Reject their ideas politely if you think they are just not suitable for the vision and missions.

Besides, don’t play favor among the team member. Of course, there must be someone with the same mindset as you. However, it doesn’t mean that you must follow his or her ideas all the time and ignore others. Be fair.

Ask for Feedback

In case you have an idea about something, you must share others and ask for their feedback. If most of them don’t agree with you, that’s okay. It means that your idea is not suitable for the project based on the majority’s perspectives.

Be a Leader, not a Boss

Well, you must have heard this saying. A leader means someone who leads and guides others and all of you will get success together. It is different from a boss who commands others and asks them to do all the things he or she says. Sure, a leader is relatively more respected and loved by others. So, be a leader, not a Boss. Much leadership articles can be find in a headhunter website as well. Make sure to read them.


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